Dog and Cat Memorials

Losing a pet is never easy and we can help with the details so you don't have to.


As pet owners, we understand the substantial role that your pet plays in your family and know how hard it can be to cope during the emotional and sorrowful time of their loss. That's why we are dedicated to ensuring your pet companion the dignity and compassion he/she deserves when the time arrives to say a final farewell. We believe in your peace of mind as well as a soulful resting place for your loved one to be forever in peace. For your convenience, pet pickup from your home or veterinarian's office can be arranged. We also offer a selection of quality urns to help you honor and remember the unique bond shared between you and your pet.

Pre-need Arrangements:

We find that many pet owners experience greater peace of mind when they make end-of-life arrangements for their pets while they are still healthy. That way you can think through how you would like to remember your faithful companion when your mind is clear and your are less likely to make poor decisions driven by grief. Please call us to discuss the arrangements you would like to make for your pet. We will keep these arrangements on file and will carry out your wishes when we receive a call from you. You can cancel these arrangements at any time prior to your pet's death with no penalty.

For those of you who have recently lost a beloved pet, we send out this prayer to you:

Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of heaven is a place called the Rainbow Bridge.

When a much loved animal dies, it goes to Rainbow Bridge.

It runs and plays with special friends, in the rolling meadows and hills.

There, animals are restored to health and vigor, just as we remember them.

They are happy and content, but still miss the special people they have left behind.

There comes a day when a frolicking pet suddenly stops and looks into the distance.

With bright eyes and eager body, it spots you and begins to run from its friends.

Reunited, you embrace in a shower of happy tears and kisses.

You look into the eyes of you beloved pet and realize that your love for each other will always live on.

Finally together, you cross the Rainbow Bridge....

Inspired by a Norse legend.